The waves of the ocean of emotions


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Sometimes we get to that point where we seek retreat and need the silence.
The monkey mind is loud and shadow issues float to the surface.
It gets restless, stormy and wild. 

The waves of the ocean, of the emotions, beat up. 

At the same time you try to cope with your everyday life and do justice to many things.
The protective personality sounds the alarm and tries by all means to let the pieces of cargo that have floated ashore sink again as quickly as possible.

The ocean is strong and powerful.

Emotions flood to the surface again and again.
Despair, fear and pain.
So much at once… Overwhelm is written on the cry for help sign.

You are the salvation, you are your anchor.

Be still and you will find your way out.
Surrender to wherever you are. 

Retreat and quiet your mind. 

Glide on the surface of the water with your body relaxed.
Feel the waves carrying you. 
Maybe to the next shore, who knows?

Honour the water.
Honour the air.
Honour the earth.
Honour the fire.
Honour the moon.
Honour the sun.
Honour the spirits, guides and teachers around you. 

Honour yourself and set your intention.

Drum, rattle, dance and sing.
But do not fight this storm. 
The churning sea is not your enemy.
Trust it and surrender to it.
Clarity floods your mind and you recognize ….

In the depths is your paradise.

In loving kindness, Shania 

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Hey, i am Shania

It is a matter of the heart for me to guide people to their shadow in a sensitive way, to let them recognise through self-awareness what is hidden behind their anchored pain and suffering and how they can use these insights for themselves in a healing and transformative way.