Yoga & spiritual life coaching

My name is Shania

My mission is to help people compassionately realize what is behind their pain and suffering and how they can use these insights for themselves in a healing and transformative way.

I accompany and encourage you to experience inner calm and peace.



i am Shania

There is an enormous potential for growth in suffering that we usually do not recognise. But when we look behind this secret horizon and recognise the incredible potential that lies hidden behind this pain, we experience our true self.
In my many years of work as a state-certified educator in the field of trauma and intensive education, I was surrounded daily by enormous suffering, pain, sadness and bewilderment. Working with the highly traumatised children and young people led me from the beginning of this journey to my wounded inner child, my own traumas and inner demons.
My life has been shaped from childhood by physical violence, emotional and sexual abuse.
Over time, these experiences enabled me to understand, with a very high degree of empathy, the cause of the displayed, mostly paradoxical behaviours and to work on the root of the deep-seated hurt.

On this journey I learned not only to heal my own wounds, but also to experience, understand and break through this whole construct of our protective personality, our ego. 

Above all, I was allowed to learn to live out my gifts and talents, to come into my own inner strength and to truly love myself in all my parts.
For many years I denied myself, made myself small and believed I was not worthy of being loved.
So one day I stood at this crossroads and had to make this conscious decision about where my further journey might take me. Completely without a plan, I jumped into uncertain waters and listened to the quiet voice of my soul. I used this multitude of painful experiences to deeply explore my true self and leave the matrix of self-constructed illusions.
My desire to support people in recognising and caring for their deep-seated wounds and truly acknowledging their shadow side grew, so I followed the call to become a spiritual life coach and mindfulness trainer.
I am also a yoga teacher specialising in Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga.
I am currently in training to become a alternative  practitioner for psychotherapy.
Spirituality has accompanied me all my life and has always been a valuable anchor for me in dark times.

The power that resides within us deserves to be lived.
So let us no longer close our eyes to ourselves.

Get to know me

My birth chart:
Sun – Sagittarius
Moon – Aries
Ascendant – Scorpio

Human Design Typ:
Generator, 6/2

My healing place:

Pachamama, my yoga mat & meditation cushion

My own practice:

☼ Yoga
☼ Meditation
☼ Vipassana
☼ Shadow work
☼ Depth psychology
☼ Energy work
☼ Shamanic journeys

Spiritual Teacher:

☼ Ayya Khema
☼ S.N Goenka
☼ Rob Burbea
☼ Siddhārtha Gautama
☼ Sandra Ingermann
☼ My shadow

Most important values:
Authenticity, Compassion, Truthfulness, Loving kindness


State-approved educator, Yoga teacher, Mindfulness trainer, Reiki level 2, Spiritual life counsellor, Hypnosis basic course, Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy in training (Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy)

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