You decide which life you choose


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Accept death, but choose life.
Use it as best you can while you are alive.
You can always be sad when something bad has happened to you.
Allow yourself to cry as much as you want.
You can scream in anger to stand your ground.
You can tremble with fear and hide away.

But remember that every feeling is also always a decision.

You decide whether you identify with it or not, and what you do with your feelings.
Do you reject them or do you accept them?
Do you hold on to them or do you let go?
Keep reminding yourself of impermanence.
You decide whether you are afraid or not.
Whether you move forward courageously or let it stop you.
As overwhelming as life sometimes seems:

You are safe and always find a way!

Your mind is a powerful instrument.
Use it to your advantage, not against you.
Know yourself, know your ego illusion – your protective personality.
What you have learned in the past may be outdated or even harmful tomorrow.
The older you get, the more important it is to remember this, what you have already mastered in your life.
What you can be proud of and what skills make you special.
Also, don’t give up anything that makes you special.
It is never too late to change your life.
Take all the time you need and don’t let yourself be pressured.

You are not alone.
When someone leaves you, be sad, because it hurts.
Feel the pain and then let it go.
You can learn later or now that there are two sides to life.
You can also be grateful to have one less person in your life, who doesn’t want to be with you.
The key is to find those who want to be with you, because they fit you and you fit them.
You can live and communicate authentically with each other.
So when someone hurts you, check carefully whether it is your ego that is crying, or your heart crying.
Thoughts and feelings often tell us bad things because they are what make us suffer.
The programmed beliefs and hurts.
It may seem like you are suffering bitterly, while it is just an insult to your ego.
You may think that something is not hurting you, while your heart is quietly breaking.

Know the difference.
Know yourself.

When you are rejected, notice the pain, feel and sense it, but don’t hold on to it.
Stay positive and grateful, because this teaches you something about yourself.
Recognise and understand what is showing itself to you.
Your life is there to be lived, in maximum joy and with the best of conscience and knowledge.
Death and loss are inevitable.
So be good to yourself, your body, your soul and other people for the rest of your life.
Do not hurt yourself or others in any way.
Not with words, revenge or hatred.
Not by ignorance or fear, contempt or sacrifice.
You are as important as others and others are as important as you.
Do not poison your being with such nonsensical thoughts and feelings as hate.
Stop trying to avoid being hurt, trying to be in control or even manipulate life and other people.
Entrust yourself to him.
For you are safe as long as you are able to act consciously.
Do not indulge in sorrowful thoughts that come from old wounds and the past.
Old is old.
Now is now.
The more you come in contact with what you think is bad, the more you will learn to stay calm and trust yourself and your life.
Whatever others may tell you:
Fears are okay.
They are not there to torment you.
Fears are there to be understood and accepted….

The sooner you get to know your fears, the closer you get to yourself.

Every person who hurts you is a valuable teacher for you.
Don’t hate him, no matter how unconscious and hurtful he may be.
Sometimes it is best to learn from your supposed greatest enemy.
How you are not, do not want to be, or whatever parts of yourself you try to hide.
Always be honest and true to yourself.
Whoever tries to play your weaknesses against you, also has weaknesses, which he tries to hide.
Behind every weakness is a strength and vice versa.
It is the balance that counts.
The greatest injuries, misunderstandings and communication traps arise from ignorance and lack of understanding.
Stay with yourself and don’t go into other people’s territory.
Making mistakes does not mean being a mistake.
Even the harshest criticism is nothing more than feedback.
Instead, ask yourself what you did well.
Everything in life needs to be learned, and the best ones are the ones who have taken the time to understand it in depth.
You may learn and work on yourself all your life.
Recognise and appreciate yourself more and more deeply at the level of your being.
Call it personality development or potential development.
No one comes into this world ready-made.
Every person goes through their own development at their own pace.

Check your own thoughts and views about the world.
Not every thought you have is true and not every one that is questioned from the outside or yourself is wrong. 
Remember that everyone needs their own attitude.
The more flexible you remain and the less you believe what you think, the sooner you will become what you can be:

Your greatest and truest self.

Because you will never be better than what you believe or think of yourself.
Instead, believe that everything is possible and that everything can become possible.
Talk about your defeats and painful experiences.
Show how you have overcome them.
Be authentic and truthful to yourself and those around you.
Love unconditionally.
Vulnerability is part of being human.
No one can avoid it.
Denying it is one of the biggest lies.
You can never know what someone is going through.
What struggles he has to endure.
What fears he is hiding inside.
Some people smile and say everything is wonderful, when in reality they are at home in despair.

We all have fears.

Take a first step and try something new when the old no longer nourishes you.
But act and take responsibility for yourself.
Be closest to yourself and take good care of yourself.
If you do that, life will be grateful and on your side.


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