Identification & Anicca


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As long as we identify with the role we play, we live this false self and do not realise who we really are.
We jump quickly from one role to the next and look for what suits us best at the moment.
When things get uncomfortable, we react with aversion and dislike or simply talk ourselves out of everything.
However, if we are in a positive state of mind and everything is going really well, we hold on to this state and increase the desire within us. 
We are not aware that intellectual wisdom does not arise from our experience and thus only serves as a door opener for us to explore the inner world and sensations.
For our ego, this is a found food and no longer allows us to think clearly because of our delusion.
But if we really look deeply and are honest, we realise and experience that we are not doing ourselves any favours with this behaviour.

On the contrary, our suffering (dukkha) is unconsciously multiplied. 
We are so intent on purifying our conscious mind that we completely forget to pay attention to our unconscious mind. 
We affirm everything we can and practice our rituals or energy work daily, in the hope and belief that by doing so we will dissolve all these impurities (saṅkhāras) within us.
Blinded by this blind faith, we only push these impurities further into the unconscious,
convinced that we have healed and transformed them.
A phenomenon I had observed in myself for years and especially in this world for 2 years.
Desire, greed and aversion are on the daily reaction schedule and we are hardly aware of the transience of all sensations. 
We forget that the unconscious mind is in constant communication with our body and the impurities show up in the form of physical sensations.
It is the unconscious mind that causes us to manifest our suffering because we are constantly reacting with craving and aversion, thus feeding the perpetual multiplication. 

But by understanding anicca (impermanence) we can counteract and dissolve this suffering.
This is a fundamental fact that must first be experienced and understood through practice. 
Only when we experience the nature of anicca as an ever-changing process within ourselves can anicca be understood as the Buddha suggests.
By developing the power inherent in understanding anicca, dukkha and anattā (ego-lessness), one is able to free oneself from the saṅkhāras (defilements) that have accumulated within one.
Self-observation is a path of self-transformation. 

“Observing the sensations at the level of the body, understanding their true nature and developing equanimity by learning not to react to them, frees us from our impurities.” 

If one understands anicca correctly, one understands dukkha as the logical consequence of it and anattā as the ultimate truth.
This is an experience I have been working towards for years, moving further and further along this path, because it allows me to see into deep layers of my unconscious mind
and see through the deception of my own attachments.
This is often not an easy path and one is always faced with great challenges.
The main thing is to become aware of the inherent heaviness and ignorance and to accept it as well and look at it with equanimity.
With various techniques we can quickly replace the heaviness in us with lightness, but in doing so we often only react with aversion.
The success is short-lived because the impurities simply disappear into the subconscious. 

I myself have often disguised myself under the cloak of spirituality and did not want to face this deception.
Honestly, it’s really hard when you see this flood of light and love, and “higherlevel” stories and preaching every day. 
So much delusion, ignorance and greed in a newly created “ego-spirituality.”
-You know the Dunning-Kruger effect?-
A phenomenon that is widespread and can be followed on social media every day! 

I have had the profound experience that this behaviour and attachment to spiritual identity is simply a result of ignorance and ego.
Attachment to any sensations etc. only leads to further suffering and not to liberation or healing. 
Suffering that does not always show itself immediately, for we are true masters at repressing our own reality. 
There comes a time, a small moment, when the indwelling volcano suddenly explodes
and the true extent of your still deeply hidden saṅkhāras shows itself on the surface. 
So always truly examine yourself and see through the deceptions of your newly created ego-reality, disguised under the cloak of spirituality.


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