Suffering is the path to liberation


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There is an enormous potential for growth in suffering that we usually do not recognise.
We try to free ourselves from it without understanding what it is trying to tell us.
We are constantly working on our minds and trying to break down all these limitingand conditioned belief patterns, but actually we only stop to watering the root of the cause.
This may work wonderfully for a while, until that one moment, when someone or yourself begins to water this whole construct again.
We now only surround ourselves with positive energy and things, that supposedly make us vibrate higher.
We ignore all warning signals and enter a new ego bubble.
Once we feel the heaviness inside us, we immediately replace it with lightness.
But in doing so, we don’t understand what it is trying to tell us…
and push the suffering and pain back to the unconscious mind.
It is a cycle that is recurring, until we really see the illusion we’re in.
Greed makes us constantly strive for pleasurable sensations, to best delight the senses.

We run away from our pain and seek distraction and fulfilment in the outside and other people.

We condemn ourselves for suffering while we look at the illusory world of other people.
Not recognising what it has to say to us and fighting against it, as best we can.

For people who do not permanently expose themselves to pleasant feelings, it is easier to grow and to break through their own illusions, because they are facing their inner demons head on.
If we are always in search of sense gratification, we quickly slide down, into ego-positivity, which is nothing like true bliss.
Instead of tearing out the root, we affirm our mind.
But in doing so, we do not realise that we cannot mentally process some feelings and obstacles…
We have to clear them out of our system.
This requires a deep look and the art of the non-judgemental listener.
Suffering is a product of our attachments that we are not willing to truly let go of.

If we can acknowledge suffering for what it really is:

Our truest, most faithful and loyal teacher.

Then we are on our path to liberation.

If we can recognise and accept that, we stop fighting it.
There is then no more wanting to “have away”.
No more wanting to replace.
No more talking ourselves up.
No more self-hatred.
No more judging.
No more self-sabotage.
No more victimhood.
No more escaping.

Rather, we recognise the incredible potential that lies hidden behind this pain and invite it to reveal itself to us.
We are ready to embrace it all.
To feel the pain fully.
To listen to the pain in a non-judgemental way.
To understand the pain.
To welcome the pain mindfully.
We allow the pain to transform out of our system.

Pain and suffering moves us forward, allows us to grow and enter the depths of our heart.

All the pain and all the suffering, reveals so much valuable about ourselves, if we are willing to truly look and listen.
Pain and suffering is not your greatest enemy, but your best friend who loves you unconditionally.
So let’s shine a light on this incredibly large shadow, by finally giving it our full attention.

Let us understand that it is only in the darkness that we can see the stars twinkle.
We really don’t need to be afraid of that.


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Hey, i am Shania

It is a matter of the heart for me to guide people to their shadow in a sensitive way, to let them recognise through self-awareness what is hidden behind their anchored pain and suffering and how they can use these insights for themselves in a healing and transformative way.